Keeping Kyo-machiya in the future.

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The Kyo-machiya townhouse, the symbol of the townscape and the living culture of Kyoto, has diversified its usage, thanks to its increased popularity.: originally as residence, but now as restaurant, accommodation, office and university campus. On the contrary, its disappearance has also increased due to the building’s deterioration, the maintenance cost and the inheritance issue etc. We now need to request your kind cooperation to preserve and hand down the Kyo-machiya.

Kyo-machiya to the Future with Your Supporting One Step.

To maintain our support to the owners of the Kyo-machiya and others

In order to preserve and to hand down the Kyo-machiya designated under the Kyo-machiya Ordinance, the City of Kyoto has initiated various projects such as the subsidy for renovation and the system to match the owners with those who wish to utilize the Kyo-machiya.
We would like to request your assistance to our continuous support and efforts to initiate further new projects in the future.

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To make the Kyo-machiya be utilized and be handed down to the next generation

The result of the survey conducted by the City of Kyoto in 2016 shows 14.5% of the Kyo-machiya in Kyoto City were unoccupied. If they are continuously left vacant, the deterioration of the building should proceed, and the risks from the disaster damage and crimes might increase, which should induce building demolitions and cause difficulties in handing down the Kyo-machiya townhouses to the next generation.

As we mentioned above, the Kyo-machiya has potentiality for various usages. Would you like to think about your own use of a Kyo-machiya?