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About Kyo-machiya

 A Kyo-machiya townhouse is built in Kyoto’s traditional architectural style, symbolizing its local living culture and representing the city’s scenic beauty that has been refined in its long history for over 1,000 years.

 We have created Virtual Reality content to provide those who have never visited Kyo-machiya before with a chance to experience it. We are grateful if any of you become interested in the townhouses to live in or to utilize for various purposes through the VR experiences in our content.

* Visit the VR website by clicking the photo.

How to use the VR content

①Click to read an explanation of the place.

②Click to move to the next room.

③Click and drag on screen to view 360-degree images of the place.

④Click thumbnails at the bottom of the screen, or click on the floor map to move to the selected room.

Contact information

Regional Revitalization and Creation Promotion Office
City Planning Bureau
City of Kyoto

Kyoto,Japan 604-8571
[email protected]